Room Scheduling

Any audio/video or technology resources should be scheduled through the Office of Learning and Healthcare Technology Innovations by submitting a New Support Request.

The following rooms are scheduled using the Drachman Hall Calendar (directions are listed below).
• Room 105 | Occupancy 72
• Meeting/Conference Room 110 | Occupancy 12
• Room 115 | Occupancy 10
• Room 117 | Occupancy 110
• Room 122 | Occupancy 48
• Room 233 | Occupancy 10
• Room 327 | Occupancy 10
• Meeting/Conference Room 349 | Occupancy 30
• Meeting/Conference Room 416 | Seats approximately 20-24
• Research Interview Room 418a | Seats approximately 8-10
• Room 431 | Occupancy 44
• Video Conferencing Room 470 | Occupancy 60

Steps to Request a Room:

  1. Click on the Drachman Hall Calendar link above to reserve one of these rooms.
  2. Click the button beside today's date that says Log In. Enter your UA NetID and Password and hit LOGIN. 
  3. In the top toolbar, select the date that you wish to reserve the Room.
  4. In the dropdown that says “Select a Building,” select “College of Nursing.” The room schedule will appear listing the room's availability.   
  5. Click the boxes that correspond to the time you would like to request the room and hit Continue.
  6. Enter the purpose for your room reservation and click Request reservation(s). You will soon receive an automated email notification from the Drachman Hall Scheduler. 

The College of Nursing has one (1) Room Approvers for requested CON Rooms: Judi Molina (

If you require audio or video needs, please contact our Office of Learning and Healthcare Technology Innovations by submitting a New Support Request.

Other Room Requests:

SILC (Room 275A-C and 250 ) - fill out the form for scheduling

Research Wing
The following rooms may be scheduled directly by Faculty and Staff. These rooms have priority for faculty who are conducting research. Click on the scheduling links below for the room you want to schedule. Login with your College of Nursing username and password. When the Calendar appears, click the New icon in the upper left corner to schedule the room. For technical assistance visit

View Clinical Measurements Room 418c schedule