Integrative Nursing Faculty Fellowship

Together we can inspire and train a new generation of nurse leaders in integrative health care.

The INFF is a first-of-its-kind program preparing nurse-educators to transform teaching/learning using the science, theory and practice of integrative health. During a 12-month fellowship, you will creatively and effectively incorporate integrative nursing into education programs.

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“I have been practicing nursing since 1991 and as a nurse practitioner since 1998. Although I have loved nursing I have over time felt conflicted that while I felt I was giving ‘good’ nursing care I felt rushed, less able to establish real relationships with the patients I cared for, and prescribing medications and treatments that I would not prescribe to myself. I wanted to learn more about integrative nursing. I came to the program thinking about all the actions I could take if I had more ‘alternative’ treatments to pull out of my toolbox! What I realize now is that while [these] are part of care, I have to trust myself that building relationships and walking with our patients toward healing is really what I want to achieve with my patients, my students and my own practice.” -2017-2018 Fellow

Through the INFF we will shift, invigorate, strengthen and challenge your perspective of nursing and how to teach it, both in academic and clinical settings. 


  • Enhance your professional portfolio to assume a consultative or leadership role for agencies and institutions striving to adopt an integrative health and wellness approach.
  • Expand your integrative health toolkit to include clinical evaluation tools in alignment with the national standards for core competencies and a variety of versatile teaching/learning materials.
  • Guide patients, students and colleagues in the safe use of integrative therapeutics and best practices for improved health outcomes.
  • Meet the evolving needs of communities as the global focus on integrative health continues to expand.


  • Two residential intensives in beautiful Tucson, Arizona at the start and end of the Fellowship.
  • Experiential, online coursework and a guided teaching practicum allowing for self-reflection and personal growth.
  • Immersion in and achievement of teaching proficiency in at least two integrative therapies.
  • Tools and skills for the practical application of integrative nursing principles in a variety of learning environments.

Outcomes, Sourced from INFF Alumni

  • Increased capacity for nurturing healthy social and professional relationships.
  • A remarkable improvement in overall understanding of wellbeing including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social components.
  • Increased resiliency to personal and professional stressors and enhanced self-care.
  • Deepened sense of empowerment as nurse educators including finding meaning and positively impacting students and the work environment as a whole.


We receive support for the INFF program through a three-year partnership with The David and Lura Lovell Foundation.

Founders David and Lura Lovell established their family foundation 23 years ago to support causes they cared about deeply, including mental health, integrative healthcare, cultural/spiritual enrichment and philanthropic education. Over its existence, the foundation has given over 60 nonprofit organizations more than $14 million for projects that focus on mind, body and spirit, and promoting philanthropy.

For more information, contact Natalie Pool at or 520-626-6044.