Alumni Awards

Every year, many of our alumni and college partners are honored and recognized with awards through the University of Arizona Alumni Association. These awards represent outstanding achievements and professional milestones, as well as identifying those who have gone above and beyond to represent every Wildcat Nurse in a positive and caring way. If you know someone who deserves this special recognition, please let us know at

2017 Award Winners:

Alumnus of the Year

Joyce A. Verran (PhD '82, MS '70, BSN '69)
Professor, University of Colorado College of Nursing

Extraordinary Faculty Award

Melissa Goldsmith (PhD '03)
Professor, UA College of Nursing

Bear Down Award

Peggy MacMacken (MS '78 and BSN '69)
Interim COO, Children's Clinic

Young Professional Achievement Award

Anne McNamara (PhD '92)
President, Galen College of Nursing

Previous Award Winners

2016Susan Saboe-RoseAlumnus of the Year
2016Pamela ReedExtraordinary Faculty Award
2016Connie MillerBear Down Award
2016Lesley KellyProfessional Achievement Award
2016Zu-Chun LinGlobal Achievement Award
2015Rebecca C. KuhnAlumnus of the Year
2015Ruth E. Taylor-PiliaeExtraordinary Faculty Award
2015Anabell Castro-ThompsonProfessional Achievement Award
2014Rev. Rudy ValenzuelaAlumnus of the Year
2014Kathleen B. MalkinDistinguished Citizen Award
2014Agnes C. PooreProfessional Achievement Award
2014Mary S. KoithanExtraordinary Faculty Award
2014Sheila M. GephartYoung Professional Award
2014Lisa H. KiserBear Down Award
2014Susan MarkovichHonorary Alumnus Award
2013Eileen BreslinAlumnus of the Year
2013Kathie InselExtraordinary Faculty Award
2013Mary Davis DoyleBear Down Award
2012Victoria Began

Advocacy Award

2012Mary Walters Professional Achievement Award
2012Marylyn Morris McEwenExtraordinary Faculty Award
2012Imogene “Juby” BellDistinguished Citizen Award
2012Pamela HindsAlumnus of the Year Award
2011Elias Provencio-VasquezProfessional Achievement Award
2011Guifang GuoGlobal Achievement Award
2011Leslie RitterExtraordinary Faculty Award
2011Jean Baruch Alumnus of the Year Award
2011Carol MoffettLeo B. Hart Humanitarian Award
2011Sherry Daniels Alumni Association Recognition Award
2010Jennifer Mensik Alumnus of the Year Award
2010Eleanor Bauwens Marvin “Swede” Johnson Award for Volunteer Service to Students
2010Nancy JohnsonLeo B. Hart Humanitarian Award
2010Suzanne Van OrtMarvin "Swede" Johnson Award for Volunteer Service to Students
2010Martha "Marty" Gunther Enriquez Professional Achievement Award
2010Ida Marie "Ki" MooreExtraordinary Faculty Award
2010Michelle MintaGlobal Achievement Award
2009Mary AlexanderDistinguished Citizen Award
2009Isabel Duff Professional Achievement Award
2008Souraya SidaniProfessional Achievement Award
2008Darlene MoodHonorary Alumnus Award
2008Terry BadgerExtraordinary Faculty Award
2008Peggy MacMackenProfessional Achievement Award
2008Jo Elizabeth "Joey" RidenourPublic Service Award
2008Donna ZazworskyProfessional Achievement Award
2008Miyong KimAlumni Association Recognition Award
2007Sandra VanDam AndersonLeo B. Hart Humanitarian Award
2007Richard PolheberBear Down Award
2007Arlette StevensOutstanding Young Alumni Volunteer Award
2007Jessie PergrinHonorary Alumnus Award
2007Jane CarringtonStudent Volunteer Award
2007Brandi Dilday Student Volunteer Award
2006Jaynelle StichlerAlumnus of the Year Award
2005Linda PhillipsLeo B. Hart Humanitarian Award
2005Jennifer Runquist Student Volunteer Award
2002Linda Robinson LohseAlumnus of the Year Award
1997Mary HenkelHonorary Alumnus Award
1995 M. Anne WoodtliHonorary Alumnus Award
1995Hannah Millward FisherBear Down Award
1993Alice LongmanHonorary Alumnus Award
1993Guadalupe OlivasDistinguished Citizen Award
1993Jean SniderHonorary Alumnus Award
1992Karen S. Ehrat Alumni Achievement Award
1991Alice NoyesHonorary Alumnus Award
1991Evelyn DewaltHonorary Alumnus Award
1990Ada Sue Hinshaw Alumni Achievement Award
1990Beverly McCordHonorary Alumnus Award
1990Agnes AamodtHonorary Alumnus Award
1986Suzanne R. Van Ort Distinguished Citizen Award
1985Gladys E. SorensonHonorary Alumnus Award
1985Jo Eleanor ElliottDistinguished Citizen Award
1985Mary Opal Wolanin Sidney S. Woods Alumni Service Award
1984Katherine MasonHonorary Alumnus Award
1983Faye G. AbdellahDistinguished Citizen Award
1982Mary Jane Welty Distinguished Citizen Award
1981Ruth Becker-Schaller Distinguished Citizen Award
1981Lois ProsserDistinguished Citizen Award
1980Ruth BeemanDistinguished Citizen Award
1978Jessie M. Scott Distinguished Citizen Award
1978Betty Jane SpauldingDistinguished Citizen Award
1976Kathleen ClarkDistinguished Citizen Award
1975Zona Roberts BrierleyDistinguished Citizen Award
1975Pat SomersDistinguished Citizen Award
1974Pearl Parvin CoulterDistinguished Citizen Award
1974Esther StolzmannDistinguished Citizen Award
1972Rosamond GabrielsonDistinguished Citizen Award
1971Mary Opal WolaninDistinguished Citizen Award
1971Gladys E. SorensenDistinguished Citizen Award
1971Myrtle WeykerDistinguished Citizen Award
1969Helen StainingerDistinguished Citizen Award
1969Helen WeberDistinguished Citizen Award

*Award descriptions can be found on the UA Alumni Association page